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This is the spectacular moment the Red Arrows bid farewell to the Vulcan bomber as the aircraft flew together for the final time .
Spectators at Southport Air Show cheered as the Red Arrows’ nine British-built Hawk aircraft made a V-shape in front of the Vulcan.
The Vulcan XH558 is the last airworthy example of the UK's famous V-Force fleet and 2015 is the delta-winged aircraft’s last flying season.
Squadron Leader David Montenegro said: ‘The Vulcan played both a significant role in the Cold War and in the history of British aviation.
‘And so it's only right we pay tribute to the aircraft, and all those people connected with it, during the bomber's final flying season.’
Enthusiasts who raised millions of pounds to keep the Vulcan airborne were ‘devastated’ in May by the decision to ground the Vulcan.
But engineering backers pulled their support due to safety fears and the plane will be now retired to a new museum and aviation academy.
The last Vulcan was withdrawn from service in 1984, but XH558 flew on from 1986 to 1993 as the single Royal Air Force display Vulcan.